We advise customers to buy only from authorized AMI dealers and distributors. AMI cannot ensure the authenticity or quality of any product purchased from any unauthorized AMI dealer. If purchasing from a marketplace, such as Amazon, please verify that the seller is authorized. AMI will not honor warranty for purchase made via eBay.

Warranty Length

  • Limited 1 year warranty

  • Refurbished products have been tested and repacked by AMI to conform to product specifications. All refurbished products come with the same limited 1 year warranty.

  • Statutory Warranties for AMI Products
    For purchases of AMI products that fall within certain jurisdictions such as European Union consumer law, certain US state laws, and elsewhere, AMI is pleased to honor additional statutory warranty rights beyond the coverage you receive from the AMI One-Year Limited Warranty.

Product Conditions

  • Removal and or Defacing of Serial/Part number sticker(s) on ANY AMI products WILL void ALL warranties.

  • All products must be returned in the originally sold condition.

  • There must be no physical damage to any component or damage that is caused by: (1) inadequate or improper repairs carried out by any person or entity which is not authorized by the manufacturer to perform warranty services on its behalf (2) negligence, accidents, modifications, or misuse and use of inappropriate spare parts (3) fire, immersion in liquid, lightning, earthquake, Acts of God, incorrect application of main voltage howsoever arising, or any other cause beyond the control of AMI

  • The product must be returned to AMI in the original factory configuration and condition. All aftermarket modification must be reversed before sending in the product for replacement.

Replacement and Refund:

  • Products sent in for RMA will be repaired or replaced with a product of equal or greater performance if an exact replacement is not available.

  • AMI requires an invoice or receipt as proof of purchase to take advantage of any warranty related services necessary.

  • The AMI warranty is non-transferable. Products purchased second hand, from a non-authorized seller, or from an auction site do not carry any warranty.

  • AMI only offers refunds on products purchased directly from AMIMUSE.com within 30 days of purchase. For products not purchased at AMIMUSE.com, all refund claims would need to be processed through the vendor that sold the product congruent to their return policy.

  • All products returned from AMI’s RMA department are thoroughly tested recertified products. If an RMA is necessary within 30 days of the original purchase date, a new in box replacement will be sent in return.

  • Replacements under AMI’s RMA Service will always follow the original product’s warranty based on the original purchase date.


  • AMI does not ship to PO Box or Mail Forwarding addresses.

  • Customers located outside Japan will be responsible for return shipping. International shipments may be shipped via EMS Korea, or EMS Japan.

  • Damaged boxes or products received in shipping envelopes will be immediately rejected and returned to sender.

  • AMI is NOT responsible for any fees charged by the destination country’s government body or brokers due to brokerage fees. However, AMI will do its effort to provide information in the shipping label to state the parcel is for Warranty Replacement.

  • AMI reserves the right to claim for shipping fees as well as a service charge from the customer for any incomplete or modified product that is returned and requires repair or replacement, or when the customer is not entitled to any coverage under AMI’s warranty. Service charges are variable based upon the actual material and labor cost.

Please Note: As AMI strives to honor the best warranty and will continue to make, policy changes. Make sure you read this document carefully and check back for updates. AMI reserves the right to change this policy without advance notice.

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