HUMANO® by AMI Full-range patented speaker – Redefining Sound

When we set out to create HUMANO® by AMI Full range patented speaker line, we wanted to make sure to provide the perfect speaker without taking out too much space, and to provide a new design concept to the speaker industry. HUMANO® by Ami has the philosophy that natural sound provides the best listening experience. As human vocal cords are not composed of two or three divided parts, it is ideal that one speaker unit covers full range frequencies.

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HUMANO by AMI Full range speaker

Patent: 10-1583967

Speaker is the electrical signal converter of the sound. Healthy human hearing allows 20Hz~20kHz frequency hearing. Depending on the needs, speaker can consist of sub-woofer, woofer, mid-woofer, squawker, tweeter, and super tweeter. Each have reproduction ranges determined by the classification of speaker: The sub-woofer 20Hz ~ 99Hz , the woofer 100Hz ~ 299Hz , the mid woofer 300 ~ 499Hz , the squawker 500Hz ~ 2.9kHz , the tweeter 3kHz ~ 6.9kHz , and the super tweeter manage the 7kHz ~ 20kHz zone.

Therefore, it is difficult to have a natural hearing experience when placing those different speakers with different frequency range in different locations. To solve this problem, one unit speaker with all these ranges were developed but not only were they expensive, but it had limitation to reducing size.

Full-range speaker can cover the sound wave of the whole audio frequency in one speaker, but it has the limitation of not being able to cover all the frequencies.

In order to solve this problem, duct type or backload type full-range speakers were developed to reflect the bass coming through the rear surface of the speaker. However, due to the difference of where the speaker is and where the bass audio would come out, the listening experience would not be natural, and there could be interference as well.

HUMANO® by AMI Full range speaker worked on solving this problem.

We made sure that our design reinforce the bass without distortion and to provide a natural hearing experience through our patented enclosure design.


HUMANO® by AMI enclosure is made with two cylinders. The reverse waveform from the back side of speaker unit goes through the Inner cylinder and is reflected one time. The reflected waveform is the same shape from the front side of speaker unit and moreover the coaxial form. That coaxially reflected waveform reinforces the bass and makes the natural sounds.


An inner cylinder separates the reverse waveform and the reflected waveform, so that makes the clear and natural sounds.

HUMANO® by AMI maximizes the merits of full-range speaker (natural sound without distortion, etc.) and minimizes the demerits (weak bass).

Inspired by nature, but deriving from pure science.

3 years of research.  Full-range speaker with patented enclosure design ensure bass reproduction without distortion keeping the size compact.


All our speakers are handmade and sanded from skilled people. Sanded and painted with white stain twice by turn. Finished with water-based matte varnish. We uses environmental friendly birch plywood or Valchromat®.

Infinite colors

HUMANO® by AMI use Valchromat® environmental friendly MDF (it is not actually MDF, but an evolution of the MDF). Only organic dyes are used.



HUMANO® by AMI Specifications








  • Size: 165mm(Diameter) * 300mm(Length, include binding post)
  • Weight: 3.7kg (single unit / sold in pair)
  • Frequency Response(Unit): 70Hz – 20kHz (Model A) / 60Hz-20kHz (Model B)
  • Rated Power Input: 25W
  • Maximum Power Input: 50W
  • Impedance: 8 Ω
  • Sensitivity 1W/1m: 89 dB (Model A) / 88dB (Model B)

The HUMANO® by AMI is not yet available via our participating retailers, and in the AMI online store yet.

More information will be updated by May 2016. 

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