About Us

AMI International Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan

AMI International Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan

AMI: The Audio . Music . Interface Company

AMI International, Inc. was founded with the goal of meeting the demand for Hi-Fi external audio devices, which we believe is the future of audio. We see significant market growth beyond the current Desktop PC space, and it is for that market that we will introduce technologies to improve audio quality.

Our first product, the AMI MUSIK DDH-1 product line will be the first AMI product to target the growing base of PC and Mac Laptop users—formerly the desktop PC Hi-Fi market.

To accomplish our goal of improving audio quality beyond the Desktop PC space, AMI has assembled a team that brings decades of technology leadership and a proven track record of success.

Our company philosophy is to “be passionate”. Also, we are very “open” to new ideas and as a young company, we like “speed”. All our engineers and staffs are all passionate of what we are currently doing. We are a very open company and a discussion over lunch or dinner would mostly end into new project development or improvement the next day.
When designing a product, we don’t give up “quality”. However, we think that everyone deserve the right to a good audio experience, and thus, “affordable luxury” would be our marketing motto.

AMI is prounounced A-M-I, and stands for “Audio . Music . Interface.”