I can hear crackling noises or dropouts/freezing occur. What are the solutions to these?

All AMI products are USB 2.0 Audio Class 24/192kHz Asynchronous products, and thus, more care is needed in regards to connectivity.

There are several factors that can affect the AMI products during music playback causing crackling noises or dropouts and/or freezing.

(1)   Please shut down all applications other than the audio playback interface.

(2)   Ensure that you are not connecting your AMI products to a USB hub.

(3)   Other sources that can affect USB Audio signal and cause distortion:

  • USB Cables (Link to the specific content)
  • PCB mounted USB ports (Link to the specific content)
  • Front panel mounted USB ports (Link to the specific content

(4)   Some potential sources of DPC latency issues causing dropouts/freezing.

  • W-LAN or Ethernet device drivers (Link to the specific content)
  • On-access virus scanners or personal firewall software (Link to the specific content)

Further details on troubleshooting and technical details on these causes can be found in our driver documentation/troubleshooting section here (http://amimuse.com/support/downloads/ddh-driver-documentation/)


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