What are the differences between AMI MUSIK DDH-1 and AMI MUSIK DS5

The AMI MUSIK DS5 is not replacing the AMI MUSIK DDH-1. It’s adding DSD,  but does not have the DDC feature or analog in features that the AMI MUSIK DDH-1

have for instance. Our prime motive is of course not to cannibalize our own product within each other, but rather providing a variety of choices to the audiophile community. Different design, different concept, and different flavor. One thing that will remain the same though, will be the quality of audio we deliver at a certain price point and trying to spread the world “luxury audio you can afford”.


We won’t go over the differences of the spec., components and features as this is very obvious.


When we first developed the AMI MUSIK DDH-1, we wanted to come out with an all-round Hi-Fi audio product for your desktop supporting headphone amp, analog input, digital input, digital output, line out to support the various use. We made sure that overall is well balanced and providing the most without giving away audio quality. The cosmetics of the AMI MUSIK DDH-1 would be more functional and classic.


The AMI MUSIK DS5 was developed at the end phase of AMI MUSIK DDH-1 development. And this time, we had DSD in mind as the main focus. We first planned a half rack size at a higher price, but as our goal is to provide affordable luxury audio, we shifted the direction to our main purpose and developed the product to a smaller size desktop DAC. Although focusing on DSD features supporting both SPDIF input and USB, we had to be careful that the sound quality did not bias to DSD side or PCM side, and thus, for the balance of it, we had to lower the output level, but instead focus on the tuning of the audio out by providing an overall well balanced output from high, mid to low.


Hearing can be very subjective, however we can say that the AMI MUSIK DDH-1 handles dynamics with subtlety and power providing massively detailed & punchy sound, while the AMI MUSIK DS5 would provide, open, full-bodied, natural, unforced and transparent sound.


We recommend to all our customers to age the unit. The more you age it the better the sound would get.

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