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Get greater control of how your iTunes library sounds with our touch-adjustable linear-phase FIR equalizer, which offers more than 16,000 discrete bands of HD equalization and zero loss in audio quality. Name and save your own custom EQ presets or select optimized filters created by professional musicians. Upgrade to the HD Player Pack and take your 192 kHz hi-res albums on the road, with FLAC, WAV, and DSD playback enhanced for headphone use and fully supported on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. You can use in combination with AMI product line and your supporting iOS product.

• High-precision equalizer (16,384 discrete bands, linear-phase FIR filter)
• Selectable HD equalizer mode (64-bit)
• Automatic upsampling function
• Crossfade playback option
• Selectable equalizer presets optimized by musicians for Onkyo headphones

Supported Formats
• MP3/ALAC/AAC files transferred via iTunes (except for DRM-protected files)
• With HD Player Pack upgrade: FLAC, DSF (PCM conversion, DoP), DSD-IFF (PCM conversion, DoP), WAV (48 kHz and over), AIFF (48 kHz and over), Ogg-Vorbis

Release Notes
• Audio formats such as FLAC and DSD are transferred to your device via the iTunes Apps menu
• Although not officially supported, 96 kHz and 192 kHz audio files can be output to a compatible USB digital audio processing device using a Camera Connection Kit for iPad
• Smooth playback may be compromised on older devices (iPhone4 and below) when in HD equalizer mode due to high processing demands
• Audio with a sampling rate exceeding 88.2 kHz output via the iPod touch/iPhone/iPad headphone connection is downsampled to 44.1 kHz.
• When playing back DoP, the equalizer and cross fade will be disabled. Also the frequency response will not be displayed.

2L – the Nordic Sound

The music captured by 2L features Norwegian composers and performers and an international repertoire reflected in the Nordic atmosphere. The surround sound recordings of Lindberg Lyd not only transform the entire listening experience, but also – more radically – these innovative recordings overturn some very basic concepts regarding how music is played and even composed. 2L emphasize surround sound with Pure Audio Blu-ray and HiRes file distribution, and have garnered no less than 17 American GRAMMY nominations since 2006. Nine of these in categories “Best Engineered Album” and “Best Surround Sound Album”.

2L record in spacious acoustic venues: large concert halls, churches and cathedrals. This is actually where we can make the most intimate recordings. The qualities we seek in large rooms are not necessarily a big reverb, but openness due to the absence of close reflecting walls. Making an ambient and beautiful recording is the way of least resistance. Searching the fine edge between direct contact and openness – that’s the real challenge! A really good recording should be able to bodily move the listener. This core quality of audio production is made by choosing the right venue for the repertoire, and by balancing the image in the placement of microphones and musicians relative to each other in that venue.

Blue Cost Records

Blue Coast Records’ first release features exceptional acoustic recordings performed live in the studio without the use of headphones, overdubs or digital effects. Label founder and five-time Grammy nominated producer/engineer Cookie Marenco assembled a cast of world-class performers, engineers and technicians familiar with her passion for audio excellence and appreciation of skilled musicianship. Her work in A&R at Windham Hill and live recording for Liquid Audio is known throughout the music community.

At a time when the world has been overwhelmed with digital music of lower than CD quality, Marenco joined with French engineer, Jean Claude Reynaud, to raise the standards of excellence in audio recording for the next generation of audiophiles. Mature listeners will welcome this true sound while new fans may experience acoustic music in its most lifelike form for the first time. While some audiophile labels deliver only great sound, Marenco captures quality performances while at the same time surpassing the artist’s own expectations.

The recording sessions for these experiments in sound led to a patent pending recording technique called Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E.). Originally conceptualized for the surround environment, E.S.E. makes use of room and direct microphone placement to optimize full tonal response from the instruments and character of the room while allowing the musicians to position themselves to hear without headphones. Attention to eliminating phase, blending the room and direct mics, creating balanced dynamics, monitoring while recording in surround all under Marenco’s production guidance brought stunning results that truly places the listener in an audio hologram of the music. Even untrained ears will find noticeable improvement in the stereo mixes.

The best of technologies new and old were used in the E.S.E. process. Sony provided their latest recording technology, Direct Stream Digital (DSD) – one bit recording at 2.8 million samples per second. To further optimize the signal path, speakers and silver cable manufactured by Jean Marie Reynaud for the French Aerospace Industry linked the mics to the preamps to the console and to the speakers. Millennia preamps and B&K mics captured the sound for the room and instruments. Of the 27 Didric mics existing in the world, two were used for vocals giving the artist freedom to move during recording while providing amazing detail. Marenco chose 2” analog tape with Dolby SR as the multi-track format after comparisons with digital were made. Analog tape still cannot be surpassed for sonic response.

Channel Classics Records

Channel Classics Records is a quality record label based in Holland. Director, producer and recording engineer is Jared Sacks. Having grown up in Boston Massachusetts, schooled at Oberlin Conservatory and the Amsterdam Conservatory of music with 15 years experience playing French Horn, Jared decided to make his hobby of recording a profession in 1987. The label started in 1990 with the name Channel Classics coming from the street he lived on in Amsterdam. (Kanaalstraat).

Jared and his Dutch wife Lydi Groenewegen together with a group of assistants work closely with distributors 38 countries to promote the artists through the CD’s.



DSDFile was created to supply the audiophile & music loving world with the best recordings on DSD. The DSD format was around a long time before SACD. It was developed for archiving use. Because the archiving technicians didn’t feel the PCM format captured the sound from the analogue master tapes they were archiving. The 1-bit stream technology became the answer and is in it self more similar to an, ever changing, analogue stream of music. Since then a lot has happened and PCM is today much better than it was in the beginning. But there are still many people that feel PCM takes away or add something to the sound that they do not perceive as natural.
The SACD is good! Though format wars, fear of piracy and drive quality always troubled the SACD disc. But since 2011 Sony agreed on a transfer protocol that enables you to stream a pure DSD file from your computer or media player via USB to a D/A converter of choice.
We have done extensive testing and the DSD format is as close to the master tape as you can possibly come! In the testing environment the people that were present was audiophiles, the producer as well as the artist who recorded it. All came to the same conclusion that the master tape sound was only truly captured by DSD. And if quality counts DSD will be the format of the future for exact rendition of the sound of the Master Tape. As well as the recording format of the future! We are finally on par with the sound quality of the analogue recording decks of the 60-70′s.

Titles that have the headline “Direct from Master Tape to DSD” is music we know never seen more bits than ONE. That means: been recorded analogue and transferred to DSD, by us. And if you don’t want a tape deck in your system DSD will get you the closest. And that’s what we offer: The closest thing to the Master Tape!


Designed, edited and operated in Germany, HIGHRESAUDIO is the first commercial music download service for audiophiles worldwide offering only high-resolution 24-bit albums and songs at sampling rates from 88.2kHz up to 384kHz. HIGHRESAUDIO brings online music distribution to the next level – far beyond from existing heavily compressed audio download services; to include extensive editorial data, detailed album description, biographies, reviews and artist related content. Thanks to its proprietary structure and rich graphics design, provides ease of access to all hosted content, extensive search and discovery capabilities as well as innovative features to allow customers to easily browse, manage, customize and purchase High-Res-Audio digital music that is compatible with multiple platforms and devices.

HIGHRESAUDIO provides double and above the sampling rate to CD resolution in stereo and 5.1 studio master albums and songs in FLAC, ALAC, DSD, DXD-FLAC format as instant download.

HIGHRESAUDIO is a high-resolution music download service offering a diverse catalog of music in Studio Master-Quality. HIGHRESAUDIO is the perfect companion for audiophiles, music lovers and digital audio systems and anywhere else that pure sound quality matters.

HIGHRESAUDIO is founded by a team of experienced, visionary and enthusiastic music specialists and audio engineers in Germany. We embrace the transformation brought by technologies to the music industry and audiophiles in the pursuit of the ultrasonic music experience. HIGHRESAUDIO develops innovative services and applications, business models and shapes new commercial opportunities for record labels, artists and manufacturers of digital audio products.


Murfie online marketplace has a huge selection of used and new albums for as low as $1 each. Every CD you buy is stored at Murfie HQ, and the album is added to your online collection where you can stream, download, or request physical delivery. Stream your collection in any browser with the Murfie Web Player, at home with any Sonos device, and on the go with our Murfie app for iOS and Android. Download your albums in mp3 and aac, and lossless formats FLAC and Apple Lossless. Add to your Murfie collection by sending your CDs from home to be ripped and stored, giving you the freedom to access them however, whenever, and wherever you want.

There’s a ton of other awesome features that make Murfie the best place to buy music.

For starters, you can:

  • Unpurchase any album you buy within 24 hours for full credit back to your account
  • Sell your CDs in a personal shop
  • Trade albums with other members
  • Add albums to your Wishlist, choose a price, and select Autobuy to have us automatically buy it for you when it becomes available


The Murfie universe currently has over 12,000 members with an inventory of 400,000 discs and an average of 8,000 discs added every week. Every disc in our warehouse belongs to a Murfie member, which makes our operation extra special. When you buy another member’s disc, or see a collection, there’s a person behind it, and we think that’s pretty cool.

Native DSD Music was founded in 2013 and started developing this website in the fall of the same year. We are striding to provide computer audio listeners a focused resource for native DSD recorded stereo and multichannel studio masters, directly from those labels recording in DSD. We offer a centralized shopping experience for native DSD recorded Edit Master files, both stereo and multichannel, along with information and discussion of both software and hardware (coming soon), extensive site-wide search capability through the use of ID3v2 compliant Metadata across all labels. This site will continue to grow along with the development of DSD.

“As a professional musician, when I became a classical music label owner, it was my passion to not only bring great music to my customers, but also to bring the emotion of that music’s creation. I found that DSD recording best met that need, and it is why I started this website.” – C. J. Sacks

We are growing! As of January 2, 2014, 7 other labels (in addition to Channel Classics and Channel of China) have chosen to offer their DSD Edit Masters on this website. We are currently in the process of getting these files ready; that’s why the site is still in ‘Beta’.

Premonition Records

In 1999, Premonition signed a “joint imprint” deal with Blue Note Records/EMI. This was the first such agreement in Blue Note history and created the joint imprint, Blue Note/Premonition. Blue Note/Premonition released all five of Premonition-produced Patricia Barber records. It also gave Premonition itself major label distribution through EMI. That deal ended in 2004. Between 2004 and 2012, Premonition was distributed by E One Entertainment. And currently Premonition is distributed by City Hall Records. It is also represented by a series of great independent distributors around the world (see below).

Premonition Records is known for dedication to its artists and to long term, multi album commitments. Besides Patricia Barber’s five Premonition releases, the label has issued four Von Freeman records, three Terry Callier records and three Drew Gress records. The label’s releases have been routinely well received by the music press and at radio around the world (see reviews section on each Artist’s Bio page). With recording and production quality a priority, Premonition has also earned a reputation in the audiophile world for the sound quality of its releases. Three of Premonition’s releases have been named Streophile Magazine’s “Recording of the Month” and five have been a Stereophile “R2D4”. Many of Premonition’s releases have been re-released, in multiple formats, by prestigious audiophile labels such as Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs.

In February of 2013, Michael Friedman won a Grammy® Award as “Surround Producer” for Premonition’s re-release of Patricia Barber’s modern cool on Blu-ray (Surround and 2 channel dual layer).

Premonition Records is now based in Los Angeles, CA.



Founded in 2012, is an online music store specializing in high-resolution audio downloads. offers permanent downloads at the highest available resolutions, according to the original recording format, up to 192kHz/24-bit. Music downloads are available in uncompressed Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF) without Digital Rights Management (DRM), and support universal playback and cross-platform compatibility. For music lovers demanding the highest quality audio experience, ProStudioMasters’ curated content features the finest music, premium performances and the highest-quality sound recordings.


Qobuz’s goal is to become your favourite digital music store. Qobuz offers an exceptionally broad catalogue available to stream and download (including, but not exclusive to, Classical, Jazz, Local Music, Blues, Country, Folk, Pop, Rock, Soul, Funk, Rap, Electro, Children’s, Ambient, World, and Film Music).

In addition to providing you with a wealth of specific information and editorial content about each of our products, we also recommend new albums, musicians, singers and composers. Thus allowing you to discover even more music that you did not even know you would like. There are two levels of high quality audio available: Lossless, the uncompressed CD quality, and also Studio Masters, the actual quality of the files as they were recorded in the studio! Better than CD quality. Both of which guarantee you the most faithful sound possible on your sound system, computer audio player (iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.) or portable device (iPod, iPhone, etc.).

e-onkyo music

ハイレゾとは、PCM24bit、あるいはDSD1bitなどの、CDを圧倒的に上回る情報量を持つ音楽データです。High Resolution の略ですが、そのまま日本語に訳すと高解像という意味になります。つまり、CDに比較して格段に細やかな音の表現ができる音楽データを指します。映像で例えると、ブラウン管テレビの映像とフルHD液晶テレビの映像を比較した場合、「俳優の顔のシワが良く見える」「風景が鮮やかになった」「映像の奥行きが増した」という感覚に近いでしょう。

これから出会う楽曲を最良の音質で楽しめる一方で、これまで慣れ親しんだ楽曲も、ハイレゾで聴き直すことで全く新たな魅力に気付くといったことも少なくありません。音楽を聴く楽しさを、e-onkyo music で再発見してみませんか?