Hi Fi Plus Magazine review of AMI MUSIK DDH-1

We are pleased to share the review of AMI MUSIK DDH-1 by Alan Sircom from the UK Hi Fi Plus Magazine (Issue no. 108, Feb. 6, 2014 release).

Quote from the review “The DAC performance is taut, detailed, expressive and extremely clean, with a large soundstage. It not the last world in edge-of-the-seat dynamics and drive, it more than make up for the shortfall in outstanding bass depth and precision. Playing James Blake’s first eponymous album it produced a sound that was elegant and precise. Moving over to more acoustic spaces showed just how good this product can be; Rutter’s Requiem (RRCD) created a sense of space and authority that shouldn’t be happening at this price point. The headphone amp stage works well in broadly the same vein – full with excellent bass depth and precision, but it’s best not used with very low impedance headphones or IEMs. That may be the one concession to price on the DDH-1.

Five years ago, computer audio this good wasn’t possible at any price. Four years ago, this kind of performance would have set you back a couple of thousand at least. Now, you can get this kind of quality, and get a good headphone amplifier thrown in, for a few hundred. For all the audio industry’s ability to create products with price tags that would make an oil baron blush, the little AMI shows there’s still room for value.

Don’t be fooled by the little box and small price tag – this is every bit the high-end product with true high-end performance. Now that’s progress in the right direction!”