AMI MUSIK DS5 review from HI-FI WORLD (UK) April 2014 issue

AMI MUSIK DS5 scored 4 Globes and a £ from HI-FI WORLD Magazine April 2014 issue (issued on Feb. 28, 2014).

The measurements were done by Noel Keywood, publisher and owner of the magazine and also a highly respected audio engineer. From his measured performance quote:

“The little AMI MUSIK DS5 measured very well in all areas. It has enormous dynamic range, close to the best and will likely sound smooth and clear.”

The review itself  were done by Martin Pipe (HI-FI World, April 2014).

“…the DS5 is capable of excellent results – We’ll start with DSD…Emily Palen’s Glass (Blue Coast Records) is a solo violin performance in San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, recorded straight to DSD. As heard here the liveliness and details available from the track Light in the Fracture (DSD download) are superb. The subtleties of the bow sliding on the strings cab be picked out as easily as the violin’s uniquely-rich timbre an texture: a real sense of the venue’s acoustic ambience is also evident…There is much to recommend the DS5. It offers a fast, dynamic and detailed sound and sensible connectivity…

  • Excellent – extremely capable
  • Value – keenly priced
  • Verdict – Flexibility and excellent sound quality make the DS5 worthy of consideration