AMI MUSIK DS5 review from CD Journal (March 2014)

We would like to share the review of the AMI MUSIK DS5 from the CD Journal Magazine (March 2014 issue).

The review was written by Tadashi Yamanouchi.

Title says it all: 自然な描写の中からも楽器の生々しい感触が伝わる

Translation: Vivid feeling of the instrument passed to you within natural depiction.

Quote from the magazine: “MacBook AirとゼンハイザーのヘッドフォンHD800を組み合わせ、最初にDSD信号を再生した。ショスタコーヴィチの交響曲は各楽器のイメージがむやみに広がらず、低音から高温まですべての楽器のフォーカスが合ったシャープな音像が定位、ステージを立体的に再現することに感心させられた。

We first try to play DSD with the combination of Sennheiser HD800 headphones and MacBook Air. When playing Symphony of Shostakovich, the image of each instrument did not spread recklessly, providing sharp focus of all instruments suited to all instruments from low range to high range (well balanced) reproducing three dimensional stage performance that surprised us.


It was possible to hear the richness of spatial information included in High resolution sound in PCM. Pulling out the density of a sense of voice from mid to high-frequency range, The aria of Verdi singed by Netrebko gave a strong impression than the CD. The positioning of the Soprano and the Orchestra was accurately positioned. The Trio of Bill Evans the sound of the instrument did not smear providing high separation. The fact that it did not product excess of rich bass was another point that made us feel attracted to this product.” Unquote.