Forum in started from an end user experience on AMI MUSIK DDH-1

AMI International, Inc. (Tokyo) – We would like to share a link to the forum in discussing about AMI MUSIK DDH-1.

Special thanks to the forum starter on the compliment and detailed experience sharing on our new & first product.

“… last year you were lucky to get a bus powered USB to S/PDIF transport for this kind of money, in 2013 you get a most impressive sounding and cleverly well-built self-powered standalone DAC for the same price….and you can even play around with rolling as much as you like :bigsmile_face:

I see that AMI is a young company and that this would be their first product, my reseller told me that he will also stock their forthcoming products and I can hardly wait to hear what that’ll be all about.

Hope you had as much fun reading this short review as I had writing it, [:loomy] this little thing and personally I’m definitely pulling the trigger on it[:alexsilvio]


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