AMI MUSIK DS5 review is on the way from 6Moons

We are pleased to announce that AMI MUSIK DS5 review is on the way from 6Moons, Srajan Ebaen.

Quote from the current ongoing review:

AMI Musik from Japan made quite a splash in our moon pool with their first product, the DDH-1. Our British colleagues at Hifi Pig were equally smitten and sales manager Ryu Takahashi’s email about their second model suggested the first was selling well: “I cannot thank you enough for your review. Many buyers purchased a unit from us after reading about it without hearing one for themselves first. Now we have the DS5 ready.”


Like the stable mate the line-level outputs can run in fixed or variable modes to give DAC or digital preamp functionality. The on-chip digital volume control over 56 steps is associated with the sample-rate indicators whereby each 7 steps light up the next LED. Coax and optical both handle 24/192 and DSD is automatically gain-compensated to generate the same 2.2V max out as PCM. On features the DS5 eliminates the discrete 3.5mm headphone and stereo line-level input jacks but keeps the faith with visual sample rate and format confirmation. Perhaps this suggests the intended target audience is more of the audiophile persuasion than…

Visit 6Moons site to preview the ongoing review here.