AMI MUSIK DDH-1 “Stuff we LIKE!” from Innerfidelity

AMI MUSIK DDH-1 was reviewed by John Grandberg, contributor to and reviewer at

“Size can be a factor, and you’d be surprised at how many of these leave out some important features. Under review today is one that doesn’t lack much at all—the AMI Musik DDH-1.

…Ever want to mess with needle drops of your favorite vinyl albums? The DDH-1 can do that. Or maybe you have a collection of cassette tapes from local bands which will never in a million years be released on any other format. The DDH-1 can archive those too, and from my testing it does a great job of it….

…I have to say I like the attitude displayed by AMI—they come right out and list the specific components used in the DDH-1. but more importantly it shows a certain confidence in their choices—like they have nothing to hide…

…but it’s a great collection of music, and the DDH-1 really brings it to life…

“In sum, the AMI DDH-1 is a fantastic little box full of great features, engaging sound, and did I mention solid build quality as well? All for a highly attainable price. I’ve seen plenty of stand-alone amps, DACs, preamps, and DDCs which by themselves cost as much as the DDH-1, yet don’t outperform it by any significant margin. Based on that alone, this device is a clear winner. Even if you only have use for a few of the features at the moment, you never know when you might need the rest. The DDH-1 is a killer value and an easy recommendation.”

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