AMI - Audio Music Interface

AMI Muse Website Released

Koto-ku, Tokyo: AMI International (

is pleased to announce the public launch of the AMI Muse Website.

On the site you will find information about our company,  news and reviews (soon) about our upcoming products, some great partnership opportunities, and  a contact form for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you.

 The Team at AMI International, Inc. 

About AMI International, Inc.

AMI International, Inc. was founded with the goal of meeting the demand for Hi-Fi external audio devices, which we believe is the future of audio.  Our first product, the MUSE DDH-1 product line will be the first AMI product to target the growing base of PC and Mac Laptop users—formerly the desktop PC Hi-Fi market. AMI is prounounced A-M-I, and stands for “Audio Music Interface.” For more information, visit